Diasuck: Insurance

03 Nov

When my husband took a new job last year, I switched to his insurance plan. It seemed like good coverage and for a non PWD, it would be a good plan. Everything seemed to be going well with this insurance until I got a few calls from Animas telling me that my pump warranty was due to expire and that I should look into upgrading to a newer model. I’ve been through this a few times in the past with different medical plans and thought it would be a similar experience. Wrong. My current insurance only covers up to 2500 per year for Durable Medical Equipment. Bummer is, I require a good deal of coverage for Durable Medical Equipment since all my pump supplies and CGM supplies fall under DME. With the trade in for my current pump, I would still owe Animas just over $1000. I do not have $1000. Plus, I would be maxing out my DME coverage and wouldn’t be able to get any more CGM sensors until next year. This doesn’t seem like the end of the world but my A1c is the lowest it’s ever been and I credit a good deal of this to the use of my Dexcom CGM. It’s not a miracle worker but it’s an amazing tool when used to its full potential – and my blood work proves it.

When I was 14 (just 4 years after diagnosis) my A1c was over 14 and I don’t ever want to go back there again. I’m working my hardest to be as healthy as possible, all the while it seems like the insurance company, Animas (the pump company) and Dexcom (the CGM company) all seem to be working against me. It’s a shame that there is so much profit to be made by taking advantage of the chronically ill people who are simply trying to obtain a healthy existence.

Unfortunately, health seems to favor the lucky and the rich – and as far as health is concerned, I don’t seem to be either of those.


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