D-Blog Week – Awesome Things

13 May

This post is supposed to be about the awesome things I’ve done or experienced because of Diabetes. I have to admit, this is a tough one for me. I have finally come to acknowledge Dee and realizing it will be with me forever but it’s hard to give credit to this disease for any accomplishment in my life. With that said…

Lately, my life has revolved around building my career and thoughts of building a family. And Dee has caused me to examine my health and what I expect from this life. Because of that, I’ve learned so much about my own health – more than most people will know about themselves EVER.

And, though I’m not at a loss for tragic moments in my life, Dee offered a perspective on hardship that I may not have realized. Although I wouldn’t wish Diabetes on anyone, I do sometimes wish those I love (and everyone else) could understand the frailty of life and the mundane, asinine things they’ve chosen to focus so much attention on. Life is tough and mine is no tougher than the person’s beside me, despite our vastly different experiences. Sometimes I think I’ve just taken those moments and centered around something better than the problem. We cannot focus on the things we would change or the actions we’ve taken but rather act now and take the bull by the horns to create the reality we wish to live out.

To date, my biggest accomplishment is my drive, determination and happiness that came with tackling life head on. I’m living as though this disease cannot stop me. I laugh like a healthy person, I have a career like a healthy person, I smile as much as a healthy person and will have a happy, successful life like any other healthy person. And sometimes, despite this broken pancreas, I think I’m a lot healthier physically and mentally than those with fully functioning organs. Whether this life I live is because of Dee or despite it, I still don’t know for certain but I will take what I’ve got smiling.

This post is part of the Second Annual Diabetes Blog Week


One response to “D-Blog Week – Awesome Things

  1. Sara

    May 14, 2011 at 8:00 pm

    Trying to decide the difference between “because” and “despite” was a difficult challenge for me in this post. I do think I also know a lot more about my body and how to stay healthy than the average “healthy” person.


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